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St. George Marathon

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La Verkin,UT,USA

Member Since:

Feb 17, 2005



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Post College

10K- 33:49 (Enterprise 09')

Half Marathon-1:16:29- (Hobblecreek 06')

Marathon 2:44:59 (St. George 07')


I live in La Verkin, Utah. My wife, Sunny and I have 3 boys and 1 special little girl
I teach 7th grade Utah History at Hurricane Intermediate School and Driver's Education at Millcreek High School.

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Easy 4.5 tonight down to Pah Tempe, then back up into La Verkin, past McKell's over to Farmer's then home. Body feeling pretty good, still some hip issues.


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When I was coaching a high school cross country team a few years ago in Colorado, we had a tradition of always doing an all out mile the Tuesday before the state meet, which was always on a Saturday toward the end of October.  Anyway, I figured I would follow that tradition today and see where I'm at with an all out mile.  Before I list my splits today here is what I can remember having done the last 5 years in an all out mile.


2002- 5:29

2003-5:12 had a pretty decent pack and I out kicked a few kids down the stretch

2004-5:19 This was the first year I ever did the St. George Marathon, and I didn't run much the weeks after the marathon, I was probably in a little better shape than this, but for some reason this is the time I remember.

2005-Just coming off ankle surgery didn't run

2006-In pretty good shape, but for some reason don't remember ever doing an all out mile

August 2007- 5:18 Decided to see where I was at, and not real satisfied

October 2, 2007-  5:06.46 This was a pretty good effort, especially considering I did this all alone, nobody to race or pace me.  The weather was good 85 degree, very little wind.

1:13.20- Not bad maybe a bit fast

1:18.57 (2:31.71)- Feeling pretty good

1:18.91 (3:50.62)- First 200 not good, second 200 feeling stronger

1:15.84 (5:06.46)-Tried to pick it up with 300m to go, and then really started kicking with 100m.

Overall, pretty happy with the time, much faster than a month ago, and quite a bit faster than a few years ago.  Still, I would like to get some of the speed back that I had in high school and college, but that is easier said than done.  I've never been a very fast miler 4:35 in high school at (6100 ft) and 4:01 1500 in college at Ricks (4400 ft).  I always preferred the longer distances.

Did a 2.5 mile warm-up and 3 mile cool down



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Easy 5 miles over in St. George from Hansen Stadium down to the river trail then out 2.5 miles then came back the same way up River Road. After that sat in the grass for an hour and watched Jordan's football game.

DS Trainer-147.5

Weight: 0.00
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Helped Steve set up the expo, man lots of shoes, I managed to knock over a couple rows about 2 times, went down just like dominoes. After did a nice shake out run with Clyde and Dave down the river trail to Bloomington and back. Feeling pretty good and ready for Saturday.


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Race: St. George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:44:59, Place overall: 61, Place in age division: 10
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Well, I'm satisfied with my race today, it was a PR by 1:12 so I was happy with that, however I still think I'm capable of running much faster with better training and diet. I also had some hip issues that really seemed to bother my stride for much of the race. I had a similar pain last year, and it has been off and on all summer. I think it is time I go get it checked out. At least before I resume any hard training or racing.

Before I list my splits, there were many great performances by fastrunningbloggers today. It was lots of fun to meet many of you Friday night and I really enjoy reading many of your blogs numerous times throughout the day.

Also special shout outs to the guys from the St. George Running Center. Logan an adopted member was just awesome, Clyde and Dave you guys rocked and all your hard training over the year has paid off big time for you guys. Steve Olsen won the Utah Grand Slam so great job. Also the wildbull ran a good race on a bad leg, and Steve Hooper even though he didn't have the race he was hoping to has really helped each of us to accomplish so much.

I was also happy to see Ryan Neuman and Bruce Rea get Boston Qualifers.

I could continue with the list, but the rest of you fastrunningbloggers did awesome and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing you at future races.

1-6:18 Good start running with Steve Hooper

2-6:20- Still feeling great, already starting to notice some hip issues. 

3-6:02-We decide we need to pick it up a little.  By this time Kory has joined us, so it was nice to be able to run with him.  He went on to have a great race.

4-6:00-Another good mile, and now we've joined a good group with Ron Greenwood, Steve King, the 3rd place female, and some others.

5-6:05-No problems, actually feeling like I want to go a little faster


7-5:55- Good mile going through Veyo, Leon Gubler was working the aid station and he had a load horn in blew in my face, pretty funny!

8-7:01-Good effort up Veyo hill

9-6:45-Steve and Kory caught back up to me

10-6:29- Just rolling along

11-7:11 stopped to go the bathroom cost me about 40 seconds

12-6:14-I decided on this mile to pick up the pace a little.  Steve Hooper said he wasn't feeling the greatest so I went ahead and took off.


Half- 1:23:06 I went through a little slower than I was wanting to and I began to worry a little, but I was able to run 1:13 faster on the second half, so that was better than last year when I only ran 11 seconds faster.

14-5:56-Was in quite a bit of pain through this part, the downhill was really hurting the hip, I tried to move to the middle of the road, which helped a little

15-5:58 These next three miles were all decent.  I was running some of them right with the guy from France.




19-6:24-Struggling a little here and slowed down at the aid station



22-6:22-Pretty much once I hit town I really struggled this year, which I thought would be something I wouldn't have troubles with this year.

23-6:13-My feet are starting to burn, but luckily no major blisters this year!

24-6:27-I think it was on this mile I passed Jose Martinez and then Glen Tucker came by me.  I didn't recognize who he was until later.

25-6:46 stopped in the misters for awhile, and basically stopped chasing the third place girl, which I should have tried better to beat.

26-7:00- Finally the last mile, and I'm ready to be done.  Actually felt better on this mile and was able to catch and pass Jose again.


The last stretch I was just pushing as hard as I could I knew I would be close to breaking 2:45, which I did, but not by much 2:44:59 and probably .99 tenths.

Once again good job to all the bloggers.  I'm thinking about doing Boston again this spring, so maybe I'll see some of you guys out there.


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